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Martin Mugambi
Executive Director

About Us

Welcome & thank you for choosing us as the leading entertainment service provider.

Our Company’s purpose is to provide professional and quality entertainment. This has been evident since the formation of our company when our founders set out to build a premium quality service company.

The values we share are embodied in what goes on at Top Sound Entertainment from day to day. Team members must exhibit ethical, professional and honest behavior as we in turn offer a fair, diverse, safe & healthy workplace. We believe that in such an environment, sound decision making and effective strategies flow naturally from the give-and-take of daily business engagements among all team members.

Our clients, including you are not just numbers; they are part of our extended family who are constantly seeking high quality & highly tailored entertainment services.

I invite you to take advantage of our insider expertise in the entertainment industry & to embark with us on a journey full of endless possibilities.


To create inspiring convention, exposition & entertainment experiences that exceed our customers’ expectations in an innovative & sustainable.


To provide high-quality entertainment services and experiences that inspire, entertain, and enrich people's lives.

Core Values


Our Services

a) Event & Music concert livestream

Sometimes you need to transcend physical settings and boundaries and bring your way of experience to the multitudes. Topsound will work with you to show your events across various social media platforms and ensure maximum visibility for your brand through our livestream services. We will broadcast your event to your target audience live.

b) Music training

We offer customized music training for our valued and esteemed clients. We use customized elements to help provide comprehensive music training for everyone.

c) Video & Photography

We will help you capture and document precious memories and stories of unforgettable personal and corporate events with specialized skills and experience. We are equipped with industry professional equipment and staff that will ensure continuity and professionalism.

Our key clients and partners: Topsound Entertainment Co Ltd has worked with a wide range of clients which include Ministry of Education, United Nations, Safaricom, Tharaka University and Karatina University.

d) Video Display Solutions

We provide high-definition displays and innovative screen configurations.

e) Audio services

We offer indoor and outdoor top-of-the line audio equipment coupled with a specialist team of sound engineers & technicians that guarantees audience and client satisfaction. In addition, we have a variety of speakers, mixers, controllers, wired, wireless and specialty microphones, to ensure flexibility and clarity of sound throughout the event venue.

f) Lighting Solution

We have a remarkable collection of inventories to handle lighting solutions that heighten the event experience for your audience. Our experienced team will find the perfect solution for your event and stage lighting needs by connecting the power of artistic illumination, impact and emotion to big and small functions.

g ) Stagging

Our Staging Designs solutions include indoor and outdoor stages in all sizes and shapes for all kinds of events to suit our client’s needs, using only the very best materials to ensure the finished product will impress.

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